More Cardiff Pupils Achieving Success With Rockschool Guitar Grades After Lessons With Tom Power Guitar.

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Guitar lessons are paying off for these Cardiff pupils, studying with Tom Power Guitar. Every pupil passed with a Merit in their RSL Rockschool guitar grades, great work team!


Studying a recognised grading syllabus is a great way to set goals and supplement the learning experience, providing a range of benefits that stretch beyond the realms of guitar playing. Achieving success in grade exams requires self discipline, dedication and confidence, these skills are directly transferable to many aspects of school, work and social life. These skills are something that the tuition and study process can develop and build upon, setting pupils up for future success. Additionally to this gaining grades with a certified syllabus is a great way to add additional academically recognised qualifications. For those considering university in the future, achieving awards at grade 6 and above grants you valuable additional UCAS points for the application process.


For me personally, the biggest benefit I see from grade exams is the progress in pupil ability that comes after the exam and the studying is complete. Those weeks of increased practice and dedication alongside the confidence boost and reassurance of successfully achieving the set goals has a huge impact on the abilities of most pupils. Putting this heightened playing ability to use learning and performing 'real songs' that pupils may not have been capable of playing prior to the grade study helps to drive home the concept that practice, hard work and dedication can deliver great results.


For pupils attending guitar lessons in Cardiff with Tom Power Guitar I am able to provide tuition for grade study from the debut exam right through to grade 8.

If you'd like to discuss learning with Tom Power Guitar you can get in touch via the contact page here.

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